Development of Electric Vehicles


In 2014, Niu Technology opened the Internet of electric bicycles, and the first brand that was positioned on the Internet for smart lithium travel. With the introduction of new regulations for electric vehicles, countless non-compliant electric vehicle companies have been eliminated, and electric vehicle products have been standardized. At this time, a new generation of brands with Internet genes appear in the public eye, G.Go is A company that dares to subvert the traditional electric car design thinking, G.Go launched his first generation of smart lithium car products CR-explore (Chinese name: City Ranger) in early July this year.

CR-explore is mainly designed for a young urban group. It is the main value and personality. The CR-explore is designed by COSK, a combination of the world’s top industrial product design company, to break through the traditional electric bicycle. The U-shaped frame is designed with a straight-integrated aluminum body that looks like a rocket launcher. The body structure is like a pistol. This design can reduce the riding resistance on the one hand, and the minimalist design style provides users with more possibilities for modification.

Post time: Sep-09-2019